Spoon Bits

True North Briar

Spoon bits are used for drilling the tobacco chamber of the pipe they have a 1/2" shank and are available in 4 sizes.

• 11/16" - 17.5mm

• 3/4" - 19mm

• 13/16" - 20.6mm

• 7/8" - 22.2mm

All spoon bits are in a Parabolic Profile.

As the spoon bits are coated they do not require sharpening. Average spoon bits have a Rockwell hardness of 28-32 HRc where as these coated bits yield a hardness of 85-90 HRc. As such the wear properties of the coating far exceed the conditions produced through drilling briar.

The spoon bits design supports a positive chip breaker and relief of the lead edge as to produce a clean sharp cut.

Suitable for:

• Lathe and Drill Press use.

• Free-hand Drilling.



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