Wandi Riyadi

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Uniquely inspired rustication styles, idealistic symmetry and stunning lines are a few of the pipe carving characteristics you can expect from Wandi Riyandi.  Born in the Indonesian province of West Java, Wandi’s earliest fascination with pipe smoking began watching the older men in his community smoking pipes. After long days of labouring in front of a computer screen, Wandi found a companion in pipes and pipe smoking. This companionship would later develop into a dynamic career in pipe carving.

A humble set-up in his backyard consists of the basic tools for drilling and carving, yet the product is remarkable. Describing his style as classic contemporary, Wandi Riyandi attributes his aesthetics and craftsmanship to influential pipe carvers like Grant Batson and Hiroyuki Tokutomi to name a few and gives the utmost praise to the late Rainer Barbi for his lessons in drilling technique.

Currently, you can find Wandi spending as much time with his family as possible, smoking Orlik Golden Sliced and being inspired by his favourite pipe making material, the beautiful and diverse wood of Indonesia.