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Rusen Rusenov of Rusi Pipes is a pipe maker out of Bulgaria. Rusen found all his life he was good with working with his hands and was attracted to creating things. He started making pipes in 2014 previously a passionate pipe smoker and unable to afford to buy quality pipes while not liking how the factory mass production pipes smoked, Rusen set out to create his own smoking pipes. Rusi Pipes is based from the mindset that the mouthpiece has to be more open in order to allow for a cooler satisfying smoke. Rusen began making pipes for himself and friends to start as he developed his specific mouthpiece inner construction and the use of a delrin insert in the shank to make them a perfect smoking instruments. They have to smoke with easy draw and cool smoke and they have to be durable in the shank area.
Rusi Pipes began making more pipes as people requested and commissioned them. Now a full time pipemaker, Rusen is always looking for a way to develop the perfect smoking instrument.