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Mike's grandfather was a pipe smoker. He has very vivid memories of sitting with him in his chair, watching the news, while the amazing smell of his tobacco swirled around them.

In 2012, with these memories etched in his heart and mind, Mike picked up a pipe for the first time, and began the process of learning to smoke it. It wasn't long, however, in those moments of quiet contemplation, that his creative side took over and he thought to himself, "I wonder if I could make one of these?"

He started with a block of inexpensive cherry wood, some borrowed tools, and a passion for fine craftsmanship, and the rest as they say, was history.

Mike's pipes are a reflection of his passion for the perfect smoke, combined with an eye for artistry and creativity. Using the very best materials available, each pipe is birthed from a desire to provide aesthetic beauty, and to create memories that will last a lifetime.