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Originally drawn to pipe making through the connection it brings between his artistic mind and his more practical applied skills and abilities, Georgi Todorov has been professionally carving since 1999. From an early age, he was in tune with his creative side. He filled his time with creating toys for himself and friends; starting with wood and eventually working his way to motors and remote controls. Desiring to build on this drive, he felt the next step would be to pursue a higher education, an education that would tap into his creativity. He attended the Kazanlak College of Arts and Design and would eventually go on to study at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

He picked up a pipe in the 80’s never thinking he would end up dedicating all of his creative focus on making them for a living. With almost 20 years of experience he has learned that nothing can be rushed in the pipe making process. He is driven by perfection and will not hesitate to scrap a pipe and start all over if it does not meet his high standard. Despite his experience, he still considers himself a student of the craft and is constantly seeking to improve upon his pipe making understating and abilities.