Chris Morgan

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Chris Morgan’s journey into pipe carving started when he was young through the medium of all things fine art: drawing, painting, pottery and whittling to name a few. Transitioning into adulthood, Chris’s first woodworking experience involved furniture, jewelry boxes, etc. Upon discovery of his grandpa’s old “Shalom” briar, Chris developed a passion to create his own pipes.

In 2006, Chris began making one of a kind, hand carved pipes originally and uniquely made from start to finish with briar and ebonite. Chris approaches each pipe as an opportunity to carve the pipe as the briar leads the way. Rarely using plans or sketches, Chris’s open minded approach towards carving sets him apart as a highly sought after pipe maker.

A self taught carver, Chris is making a name for his brand internationally. His most recent endeavor includes a partnership with an Italian factory creating production pipes. The Bones and Black Jack lines and Chris’s pursuit of innovative pipe carving make him not only a carver to watch for but an entrepreneur on the rise.