Cody Perkins

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Growing up, Cody spent hours tinkering in his father’s workshop watching as he skillfully handcrafted knives. This exposure to artisan craftsmanship helped cultivate his interest in design and fabrication early on. Cody would go on to apprentice as a machinist and ultimately become a certified Journeyman. His ability to create practically anything he imagined out of steel would later translate to his crafting ability with briar.

As young adults, pipe smoking became a hobby for Cody and his friends. After many smoke filled nights, a friend challenged him to make his own pipe. The outcome was a simple billiard with a brass band. Impressed by the finished product, Cody’s friends wasted no time in commissioning him to create custom pipes of their own.

However, unlike steel, for which he has a blueprint that does not allow for any deviation, the briar itself dictates the final outcome, never truly revealing what the finished product will be. By taking this organic approach in his carving, Cody’s pipes ultimately resonate of creativity and fine craftsmanship.