Benjamin Westerheide Pipes

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Benjamin Westerheide was born in 1984 in Bielefeld, Germany. Benjamin pursued education to work as plumper and worked a few years in this career before deciding to undertake the study of Law at the University of Bielefeld.

Benjamin began pipe making in 2009, exposed to the hobby of pipe smoking through his father who was a pipe smoker Benjamin started with cleaning and repairing his father’s pipes.

He always loved wood and began his passion for woodworking through is Grandfather who was a carpenter, finding great pleasure to be at his workshop. 

In pipe making Benjamin is most inspired by the "danish style". Finding great appeal in the curved shanks and organic shapes. Some of Benjamin’s finishes include smooth, sandblasted and driftwood finishes.

On the smooth pipes Benjamin takes great care to use harmonic colours and a nice shine. His finish is sophisticated and takes a few days to finish.

The stems are always hand cut and made from German Ebonite and at times coloured Juma.